Virginia has Masters’ Degrees in Clinical Neuroscience and Clinical Research. She has led many research projects within the field of cerebral palsy. For example, conducting validity studies of various outcome measures, investigating parents main therapy concerns, and exploring the efficacy of different therapies. She has published extensively in peer reviewed journals.

While working at the Bobath Centre, London, she provided leadership in their research training and mentoring staff and introducing a programme of clinical audit. She also chaired the 2018 European Bobath Tutors Association congress Scientific committee which evaluated abstracts for posters and oral presentations.


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Poster Presentations

Knox, V. (2014) Changes in clinical practice following a postgraduate course in treatment of children with cerebral palsy using a Bobath approach:  a content analysis study Poster presentation at European Academy of Childhood Disability congress, Vienna


Knox, V. (18-20 September 2014) Very preterm children with cerebral palsy: Two longitudinal case studies of intermittent intensive Bobath therapy Poster presentation at European Bobath Tutors’ Association Congress, Warsaw

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